We offer several services specifically designed for Freelancers.  We are often contacted by designers, writers, editors, programmers, web designers, SEO, marketing, advertising, and public relations reps; just to name a few.  I've noticed a pattern among them, having several areas that could easily be tweaked to improve their processes.  They are often taken advantage of by larger companies or customers with ill intentions (see http://www.worldslongestinvoice.com for proof).  Non payment for products and services bothers me, so I stepped up to help.

We feel that this sector is one that needs us the most, and Ienjoy sharing my knowledge and experience to really make a difference in strengthening your income position.  If you fall into the category of Freelancer or Micro Business, you likely depend on every dollar more than any of our larger clients.  It's up to you to take the necessary steps to learn, and continually implement the proper procedures to maximize your profits.  At Cambridge Receivable Solutions we take the time to get you on the right track, even beyond just performing collection functions on your behalf.


Payment for these services can be made at the bottom of the CONTACT page, while our collection services are contingency based, meaning we don't get paid unless we collect.

Click on the "Freelance" category of my blog for some free information tailored to your needs.  Feel free to call or e-mail us anytime to discuss your specific needs, and any questions you have about your situation and our services.  I handle all freelance matters myself.  You'll deal with me one on one, as your personal collection concierge.  Don't hesitate to call me with any questions, I'll gladly chat with you to determine if you need us, and how we might be able to help put some cash back in your pocket.

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Happy Freelancing!!! 

Jason Lindsey 
President & Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions
Direct: 636-238-3843
Toll Free: 888-908-3905 Ext 101
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