If you are an organization such as an Architectural or Engineering firm, Accountant/CPA, Law Firm, etc., we want to let you know that you have a professional option when it comes to collecting past due invoices.  We are a small, specialized firm, with extensive experience helping resolve these sensitive matters proactively for organizations like yours. 

Our highly skilled consultants orchestrate a forensic, fact based, collection method that allows you to take advantage of our top level resources and experience.  We perform all the due diligence in regards to researching the subject and their assets/financial position, your industry trends, and then implement a customized collection process. 

We begin by gathering and reviewing all the pertinent information and correspondence of each case placed with us. Utilizing a professional letter series along with phone calls and e-mails, we make contact to assure that we get to the route of the problem, and get you as much as possible as soon as possible.

Our consultative approach allows you to take advantage of our experience in recovering bad debt, maximizing profits, and speeding up access to earned income.  We will work with you to ensure a cash windfall from your current bad debt portfolio, and also strengthen your future invoices to ensure less troubled accounts going forward. 

Keeping your reputation and relationships in tact is what sets us apart from the typical collection agencies.  Our diplomatic approach is more effective and takes care not to alienate your clients in the process.  We not only make handling your bad debt easier, but also more effective.  Saving your staff time and headache, while ensuring the highest recovery rate possible, is what we specialize in.

These services are done on a contingency basis.  If we accept your claims there is no fee unless a recovery is made.  It's that simple.  Don't wait until year end to address these losses.  The involvement of a professional third party will make all the difference.  We look forward to getting to know your company and helping to ensure you have the best year possible. Contact us today to discuss your organizations recovery needs, and any questions you may have.  Thank you for your time.

J. Lindsey
President and Principal Consultant
Cambridge Receivable Solutions, LLC



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